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    About Us

    InteliCharger was founded by a Doordash delivery driver fed up with clunky car chargers. When you're on the road 6+ hours a day making countless stops, you become aware of every part of your driving experience.

    As an Android user surrounded by iPhone friends and family, carrying both Lightning and USB C cables became the norm. The tangle of cheap cords only seemed to grow by the day. He looked for alternatives, going through countless different options, everything from convertible 2 in 1 cables to wireless charging, but nothing worked for him.

    Eventually, he took it upon himself to create a better solution. He designed a car charger built for himself, one that was elegant, versatile, and powerful. One year later, InteliCharger was born.

    Make the switch that thousands of customers around the world can't stop raving about. It's time to upgrade.